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This is hard to write...

I just heard the news at the grocery store...

As a teacher I have had so many students enter and exit the classes I’ve taught, that I’ve had moments where an apparently random person will come up and start talking to me. After a few quietly panic-filled moments, I usually remember their name, but it doesn’t seem to belong to the genin, chuunin or jounin in front of me. They were shorter to start with… If I think long enough I’ll remember what sort of grades they pulled, if they were trouble or quiet, that sort of thing. But every year there are some students who simply refuse to be forgotten- kids who are too familiar Naruto, too shy Hinata or too bubbly Ino. I watch their careers with interest, and sometimes with regret.

I’ve seen plenty of death and every year that passes inevitably brings more deaths of people I know. Somehow it’s different though, when it’s a student who dies. After a certain point after their graduation, a year or so depending on the individual, I can tell myself that it wasn’t something they failed to learn from me. I gave them the basics and they did their best.

I’ve dealt with this before, but somehow every time is different. I have to go to the funeral, it’s part of my duty as her former teacher. Just the way I have to talk to Inoshi-san. That’s going to be very difficult. If anyone needs someone to talk to, remember we do have counselors for that purpose, right Shizune?

If on the other hand, you also dislike hospitals/grief counseling intensely, but would just like to talk about Ino- and possibly have some sake- please don’t hesitate to drop by.

Ino-san, I will remember you. I don't think anyone who knew you could possibly forget you.
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