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Talked to the parents yesterday. Something of a onesided conversation as usual, but sometimes I wonder if they're disappointed in me. I realize I'm doing something useful as a substitute-teacher, but I'm getting to the point where I think I need to either go back to the Academy full time, or really start asking about missions. I think I'm up for it.
What I'm not up for yet anyway, is 'finding someone else' which is what some people have been subtly hinting at. I'm not going to think about that now...
In other news, my plants are starting to grow- I think. I put them in a planter by the window and when they actually bloom, they should look nice! I also sorted through a small filefolder today and trimmed its size down considerably by throwing out papers I don't need any more. I have this irrational fear of throwing out something very important so I try to avoid sorting my stuff as much as possible. But I was looking for something today and it got more complicated as time passed. When I finally gave up on finding what I was looking for, I headed out for some more training. I actually got in a good sparring match today!
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