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In Media Res...

It's true about war being 9/10s boredom and 1/10 nail-biting action. Speaking of which, my team was deployed for advanced action. Even though we're holding a defensive position, as soon as we know the enemy's out there, there's no reason not to attack. At least that's Shinsei-san's assessment and as he's our team leader I'm not about to disagree except if I absolutely have to... We're fortunate enough to have a Hyuuga as part of our team, I believe she's one of Hinata's cousins (?)Aunts? Nieces? Her name is Hiroko anyway... and we were able to spot an enemy team moving into position well before they found us. We split up, with Michiaki and Shinsei attacking first. Hiroko kept watching for more and I got the one who thought he was going to avoid the whole question of fighting altogether.
He also liked using swords. Past tense is being used deliberately, and this whole missive is being jotted down in a free moment- of which we won't have too many more. Hiroko's just spotted a few new incoming. If we can stop them before they ever get to the village, I will be very happy.

I feel strange. A bit shaky, but my hands are steady as I'm writing this. I feel like I might be sick, but at the same time I feel like singing... all right, that sounded very strange. What I think I'm trying to reconcil myself with is the first combat action I've seen in far too long. It's just as messy as I remembered it, but it feels suprisingly good to be the one getting the better of the fight. It shouldn't be surprising, I've had plenty of sparring practice recently, but this is different. He tried to kill me, and couldn't. I don't know if I'll be able to get used to this feeling. It'll probably vanish as soon as someone actually manages to hit me, but right now I feel near invincible, even though I know it's stupid... This is all so strange. Hiroko's giving me strange loooks. I'd better stop writing now... I have blood on my vest. And it's not mine. Strange...
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