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Tents, floorspace and ramen

Been very busy, what with the rebuilding going on. I actually suggested that we completely start over in some places instead of even attempting to salvage. No one really listened though and I don't blame them. It's natural to want to save whatever you can. Someone was listening though when I said it would save time and effort if we gave up on houses entirely and went to collapsable nomad-style tents. I still think it's not entirely a bad idea... but I got all sorts of comments about how badly it would reflect on the stability of our village. It was a joke, people. Well, mostly a joke.

Speaking of stability in the village, due to this most recent crisis, I've opened my own undamaged apartment to those who weren't so fortunate so now an apartment that comfortably would hold two or three is holding five. It's very strange and very lived-in feeling. In that I can't always find my own things, someone keeps leaving the hot-tap on and I don't have to water the flowers on the window sill. Or cook dinner. People keep pitching in to do things in exchange for floor space even when I tell them they don't have to. My apartment's never felt this way before. But home used to.

Maybe it's part of the unsettling feeling I still have left over from the battle. I'm out of the apartment a lot more frequently and I try to tell myself that it's not because I'm avoiding the people who are staying with me. Everything still seems very strange. It's strange not to have a lesson plan or parent-teacher conferences any more. I feel like I'm sixteen again, but a bit smarter I hope... I'm still too young for a mid-life crisis... so that's not it
I'm going to ask about being promoted. I want in again.
I want more action.
More blood- ?! Kami, what am I saying?

Regardless of future promotions, Naruto, Konohamaru, and two or three other ramen-fans are welcome to meet me at the ramenshop. My treat. I don't want to go home just yet. And if any jounin want to give advice about said possible promotion etc, feel free to drop by.
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