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Home sweet home?

Went out for ramen with Iwashi-san, had a good time, got some insight into being a jounin and caught up on the ever-ongoing situation with his house. Again I feel lucky that my building wasn't hit.

I'm remembering what family life is like more and more all the time. Yes, there is the plus of when you're home you don't have to cook your own meal, but then there is the downside of lack of floorspace, lack of quiet and lack of hot water by the time the bathroom is free. And I still don't think there is any way it can take twenty minutes to wash your hair, even if you have longer hair, Shinsei! And clean your hair out of the drain after you're done. It's disgusting! And I know it's you, because you're the only person in the apartment with long light brown hair!

So today I got back from my training and volunteer work at the Academy where some people apparently think I _still_ teach. and we had dinner, only Shinsei was complaining that Genji was putting an elbow on _his_ side of the table. It was ridiculous. Two chuunin, both over twenty, squabbling like five year olds about who was on whose side of the table. When I pointed out that it was my table and I wouldn't mind cutting it in half to demonstrate who had which side, everyone shut up quickly. I found that it's more effective to say such things quietly with adults. With my students I shouted sometimes. But being a little quieter seems to have put the fear of the Kami into my fellow apartment dwellers. There was relative peace and quiet for the rest of the evening. Relative meaning like you'd expect with relatives- someone will eventually bring up a contraversial subject and all hell breaks loose.

Mostly good times...
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